Sunday, October 22, 2017

We're Not In Kansas Anymore

"Toto, I have a feeling we're not in Kansas anymore." is an oft quoted line from the Wizard of Oz.
"The Wizard of Oz" was made in 1939 and has proved to be one of the most famous cinema fantasies of all time. It was based on The Wonderful Wizard of Oz"; a children's fantasy book by L. Frank Baum.
Baum's original story was published in 1900. It was made into a Broadway musical in 1902. Since then, millions of copies of the book have been sold all over the world. The Library of Congress has declared the book "America's greatest and best-loved homegrown fairytale."
In 2011, Sam Brownback became the Governor of Kansas. The Koch brothers were his biggest financial backers. With the help of Stephen Moore and Arthur Laffer, Sam launched his "red-state experiment".
Moore is a distinguished visiting fellow in Heritage’s Institute for Economic Freedom and Opportunity.
Laffer is a former Reagan economist.
The Koch brothers inherited a fortune from their super wealthy daddy. They have their own theories about government. They have put hundreds of millions of dollars into getting the people they want elected to political offices all over the country.
They were the major funders behind the Tea Party. The Tea Party is against "big" government, Obamacare, and corporate taxes. Some of its better known spokespeople were Sarah Palin and Michele Bachmann.
Anyway, the Koch Brothers' main corporate headquarters is in Kansas. It made sense that the "red-state experiment" would take place in Kansas. The same Kansas where Dorothy and Toto were swept away by a tornado that landed them in Oz.
Well, let's jump ahead a few years and look at how the "red-state experiment" turned out in Kansas. The "red-state experiment" has pretty much ruined the entire economy of Kansas.
Yep, the whole State of Kansas was caught up in that "red state experiment" tax cutting tornado. Kansas ended up in the toilet.
People are working hard in Kansas to undo the ruinous damage Brownback and the Koch's and the Tea Party and Stephen Moore have done.
In June, 2017, the Republican majority in the Kansas Legislature put an end to the "red state experiment". Check it out for yourself. Click on "The Death of Kansas's Conservative Experiment" link below.

So you don't live in Kansas. So why should you be concerned about all this? I don't know. Maybe it's because some boys in Washington are planning to cut our taxes just like Brownback did in poor ole Kansas.
Yep, this is what these boys have in mind for us. We're not going to Oz. We're all headed for the crapper.
Holy Moly!

Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Focus - Put Things In Perspective

It's 1950. You live in the United States and World War II is a vivid memory. Everybody knows a Gold Star Family. Everyone knows someone who was a POW.
People are starting to buy homes and have families. Vets are going to college on the GI Bill. We are hungry for peace.
A toy company comes up with a doll that talks when you pull the string. This is what it looks like.
Samples of what the doll says include, "When you're a star they let you do it. You can do anything - grab them by the pussy."
It also says, "He’s not a war hero because he was captured? I like people who weren’t captured."
At other times it derides a Gold Star Mother and praises the Russian dictator.
How do you think you would react to it in a marketing focus group?
How do you think you would react to this photo?
Don't let Trump turn us against each other over football players kneeling in protest before a game. Too many Americans have sacrificed everything to insure our right to freedom of speech and peaceful protest.
On Howard Stern's radio show Trump called dating in the 1980s his personal Vietnam. He also told Howard it was okay to refer to his daughter, Ivanka, as a "piece of ass". Trump respects nothing,
Holy Moly!

Tuesday, October 10, 2017

The Little Red Book Of Chairman Steve

Steve Bannon deserves some special attention. After all, he is the chairman of the Republican Party. Isn't he?
If he isn't, someone needs to tell him because he's been issuing staccato edicts these last few days.
Bannon described himself as a "Leninist". When questioned about that, Bannon explained, “Lenin wanted to destroy the state and that’s my goal too. I want to bring everything crashing down and destroy all of today’s establishment.”
Bannon was/is the ideologist behind Trump. He is a revered guru who Trump trusted above all others.
When Trump spoke it was Bannon we were hearing. Bannon prides himself with creating the platform for the alt-right. That's what Breitbart News is and Bannon is the man behind the curtain at Breitbart.
Alt-right is the polite way of saying white supremacist. Most people would be wary of getting too close to a white supremacist, but Trump had no trouble with it. He sought it out.
When Bannon was forced out of the White House and off the Executive Branch he returned to Breitbart from whence he came. He said, "In the White House I had influence. At Breitbart, I had power."
These are Bannon's words, "We’re going to go after them. There’s a coalition coming together that’s going to challenge every Republican incumbent except for Ted Cruz. We are declaring war on the Republican establishment that does not back the agenda that Donald Trump ran on. We’re going after these guys tooth and nail."
When Senator Corker disagreed with Trump this is what Bannon said, "Senator Corker is an absolute disgrace. If Bob Corker has any honor, any decency, he should resign immediately. He should not let those words stand.”
If this sounds a bit extreme for someone who has no official role in either government or the Republican Party, then you need to adjust your thinking. Times have changed. We are in Wonderland and Bannon is channeling the Queen of Hearts.
Bannon has big plans for us. Other's do as well, but for the moment they are content to observe what is happening. You could say their goals are in sync with Bannon's.
In the meantime, Trump has been tearing up the landscape redefining what it means to be a patriot and respect our flag. He is taking on the NFL and all those wealthy black athletes that are convenient kindling for him to stoke the fires of racism with.
Trump knows how to appeal to his base. The base which Bannon has been providing a platform for all along.
Holy Moly!

Monday, October 9, 2017

The Coup Is Going Public

The Republican Party has been going through changes for quite some time. The election of a black President hastened those changes.
The Tea Party bullied it's way into the Republican Party and has been slowly displacing Republicans with political extremists ever since Obama became President.
Thanks to Putin and with the help of Russian cyber agents, our elections were massively disrupted and our news cycles were dominated by fake news.
It was during this media circus that Trump managed to slip into the Presidency and chaos became the new political order in Washington.
The chaos has allowed the not-so-private coup within the Republican Party to become a media circus in its own right. The coup is alive and well and ever so public.
Steve Bannon, the Executive Chairman of Breitbart News, is now the de facto leader of the Republican Party.
Bannon describes Breitbart News as the "platform for the alt-right". "Alt-right" is what people now call white supremacists. The KKK and American Nazi groups are the core of the alt-right. The alt-right is Trump's core.
We are watching the changing of the guard within the Republican Party. John McCain and Bob Corker are possibly the last vestiges of traditional, Republican conservatism. John is dying and Bob has had enough.
For his part, Bannon the Usurper is looking to reshape the Republican Party in his image of what the party should look like.
He is working to get Erik Prince (yeah, the same dark lord who gave us Brightwater) on the ballot in Wyoming by displacing Republican Senator John Barrasso who is a senior member of the Republican leadership in the Senate. Apparently John is not alt-right enough for Steve.
If you have been following the Bannon-Trump bromance, you might be aware that Bannon was the ideologue propping up Trump. Bannon was the real power behind the throne. Bannon is the true voice of the alt-right.
John McCain singlehandedly saved the country from a health insurance debacle and in the process reminded all Senators about what it meant to be a Senator and where a Senator's real duty lied.
Bob Corker has taken it a step farther. He has declared in no uncertain words that the emperor is both naked and ugly. He said that Mattis, Kelly and Tillerson are what stands between the chaos of Trump and the well being of our country. He said that Trump could be leading us toward World War III.
Bannon wants to bring it all down. He has no use for our government as it is. He has his own ideas about nationalism and foreign policy.
Bannon is doing much better than Hitler did at Munich. Bannon has already secured the Administrative Branch of our government and now he wants to take over the Executive Branch.
Should it become necessary, Bannon probably has a contingency plan in place should Trump do anything to offend him.
I don't know what the lapel pin for the alt-right will be. In keeping with tradition I would not be surprised to see something like this.
Holy Moly!