Thursday, July 27, 2017

Incoming! Incoming!

Russia used high tech cluster bombs on us last year. Putin wanted to wreck our elections and he damn well succeeded. 
Fake news cluster bombs hit all of the social media outlets and were rapidly propagated by partisan zealots and bigots who wanted to take down Hillary Clinton and get Donald Trump elected.
Facebook was a particularly fertile battleground. Russia's fake news bomblets would hit and immediately be passed on by millions of ignorant, hateful people who were in a frenzy to share them with their family and friends.
Despite the criticism, not much was done about it.
In the meantime, their was a constant television barrage from other, more traditional sources.
The radio hatemongers were already in place and produced relentless waves of propaganda that would have put Tokyo Rose to shame.
Trump relied almost totally on his use of Twitter to get messages out to his followers.
Faced with doing hard hitting, expensive investigative reporting, the MSM took to allowing Trump to eat up all the oxygen.
The MSM reported everything Julian Assange released through WikiLeaks. It didn't matter that the information was illegally obtained. It didn't matter that Assange was a Putin proxy.
It didn't matter that Julian Assange collaborated with the American traitor, Edward Snowden, who has been granted asylum in Russia.
Russia also invested heavily in Trump and his enterprises way before the election. Trump is heavily involved in money laundering and racketeering with Russia.

Trump also surrounded himself with people who had their own ties to Russia.

Putin, being Putin, an ex-KGB agent, has an ace in the hole - a real Trump card. Putin is blackmailing Trump. He has tapes of Trump that would destroy Trump if they ever got out.

Oh yeah, Putin also hedged his bets. He further contaminated the election by helping other candidates who would syphon votes away from Hillary.
Wake up America, we've been cluster f**ked. Putin has control of the Executive Branch. We have a puppet president. The Republican leadership has also been contaminated.
Right now we are not fighting to stop Russia, we are fighting to drive Russia out. Russia owns Trump. We are in the fight of our lives and the guy spearheading our counterinsurgency is Robert Mueller.
If we lose this fight, the country goes down the drain.
Holy Moly!

Tuesday, July 25, 2017

You Da Man John

John McCain went to the Senate today and created a national bully pulpit from which to remind his colleagues what Senators are supposed to do.

What he said was eloquently simple and inherently true. Without mentioning a single person by name he reminded the Senators that they are not subservient to the Executive Branch.

He reminded them that their job is to work cooperatively with each other independent of party affiliation and invited them to cross party lines.

McCain also took on the promoters of division and hatred who take to the airwaves everyday. He told the Senators that they needed to ignore those voices. He reminded the Senators that they are there to govern, not to win popularity contests.
John McCain is a patriot. That was clear to all. He said what had to be said. He spoke directly to the American people.

Thank you John for coming to the Senate while you are still convalescing. Thank you for speaking truth to power.

Holy Moly!

Monday, July 24, 2017

Know Your Yiddish?

In Yiddish a mentsh is a "good person". When the word migrated to our shores it became mensch. A mensch is a "particularly good person".

When I was inspired to start this blog, my sole/soul hope was to help get the word out on Donald Trump. Trump's election victory really leveled me.

I have never been this afraid for the United States. Nothing, not the assassinations, not the domestic terrorism, not 9/11 - nothing left me feeling like this.

I think the inspiration/Spirit to expose/oppose Trump took into account my age. When I was in my 20s I could boogie with the best of them. I was a reluctant patients' rights advocate. I tore up the pea patch.

At 71, if I miss a night's sleep, I'm dragging my ass for days. This blog provides a very personal form of rejuvenation for me. I hope it does the same for others.
In my now limited travels, I commiserate with friends about Trump. Knowing there are others who feel the same about him is helpful - much like a victim support group is helpful.

I opened a Twitter account some time ago, but I never used it for anything. My daughter suggested it, but we share things on Facebook.

A few months back I was talking to a friend who is a judge in D.C. We were commiserating over Trump and she told me she thought he wouldn't last the year. That was a fantastic bit of sharing. She has contacts that I don't.
Anyway, she asked me if I was on Twitter and I said I had an account I wasn't using and that I had no idea how to use it even if I wanted to. She said to log on when I got home and to immediately follow Louise Mensch and I did just that.

Maurice Chevalier sang a song that I know very well. The lyrics begin, "Every little breeze seems to whisper Louise. Birds in the trees seem to twitter Louise." Talk about synchronicity. There it was, another nudge from the Spirit.

I follow Louise as best I can. She has information beyond me and when she gets technical I can have a problem. I also don't know all the intelligence community terms she uses.

First and foremost, I believe Louise is honest. She causes me to feel hopeful. She is a warrior and I value that. She holds her ground. She just stands out there in the middle of the street and does her thing. She takes on all comers.

So thank you Louise. You help me get through the day - everyday. I have gone from hopeful to optimistic over the last few months. You seem like you have a good crew too. Thanks to all.

If you are suffering from the Trump blues, I encourage you to log onto Twitter and follow Louise Mensch. It might take you a little time to get up to speed - she travels at warp speed.

My other advice to anyone unfamiliar with Twitter is to know what you want before you go there. I have no problem staying aware of the fact that our country is under attack and the most important thing right now is to defeat our adversary - Russia.

I guess it's worth mentioning that I did not see Russia as an adversary after the dissolution of the Soviet Union. I was sorely mistaken. Mitt got that right.

I am not partisan on Twitter. I would guess that Louise and I would have different positions on some political issues. Who cares? The nation is at risk.

I would also like to thank John McCain for his service. I never cease to be amazed by John. He stood against torture. He turned over the Steele dossier to the FBI. He pressed for a full investigation of Russia. He has been a relentless patriot from day 1.
Please say a prayer for John and his family.

Holy Moly!

Hey Sherlock - What's Happening?

Any Sherlock Holmes fans out there? Did he use deductive or inductive reasoning? Who cares?
Sherlock captured the reader's imagination. In every story he solved a baffling crime with the help of his friend and ally Dr. Watson.
I'm baffled, so I traveled to 221b Baker Street to seek his help. When I got there, he just waved me to a seat and said, "I know why you're here. I know all about the Church of the Holy Moly."
That got my attention. He went on, "I know you want to know why Trump cannot say anything negative or even neutral about Vladimir Putin."
What can I say? Holmes was spot on. I just sat there and listened. It was reminiscent of my first day in kindergarten.
Sherlock told me I was going about this from the wrong direction. He said, "You are looking for clues rather than seeing the obvious."
A short time later I left Holmes. He told me what I wanted to know and I am going to share that with you now. Please be seated.
So lets go over the list: Trump is a world class liar; a Narcissist; a sociopath; a criminal; a failure; a money launderer; a racketeer; a woman abuser; a racist; a homophobe; an opportunist; a two bit punk; an idiot; a xenophobe; a jerk; and he's suffering from a neurological disorder. Did I omit something?
So what? Trump is the consummate asshole. The only thing consistent about him is he won't risk offending Vlad. Why you ask? Because Putin has something on him that Donny fears more than anything - more than losing money - more than looking like a fool - more than anything period.

Putin has a video of Donald doing something that cannot be talked away or glossed over or forgiven. Remember the Steele Dossier ? Remember the talk of a pee-pee video?
Well what if the video referred to something else - Jeffrey Epstein for instance? You know Jeff right? Hmmm.
What if it had to do with that lawsuit against Trump that mysteriously disappeared right before the election last year? The one in which he was accused of raping a 13 year old girl some 20 years ago with his friend Jeffrey Epstein.

What if it was a tape of Trump raping a child - any child? That changes things doesn't it? That might be the one thing that will cause the majority of Trump supporters to flee from him as fast as they can.
Back to my conversation with Holmes. Forget the details. What would frighten Trump to his core? Look at the forest, not the trees. Go ahead, make a list. See what you get. When you're done, tell me what on your list trumps pedophilia.
Now take it just one step further. Assume Putin has a tape of whatever with whoever. Remember Putin is a criminal and a murderer. He heads up a vast criminal enterprise. He has highly trained killers at his disposal. If he got wind of a tape such as this, how hard would it be for him to track it down and just take it? Who's gonna refuse him?
Hell, maybe Putin just made his own tapes of Donny when he was in Moscow at the Miss Universe contest. Hey, remember when Trump boasted to Billy Bush about how he just walked into a dressing room filled with naked teenagers at the Miss USA pageant and how he just walks up to women and grabs them by the pussy?
I digress. Ex-KGB Chief Oleg Erovinkin was found dead in his car earlier this year. Oleg was believed to have helped Christopher Steele with his dossier. Read the story.

Remember how angry Trump was over any mention of the Steele dossier? Remember how he accused our intelligence agencies of using "NAZI practices" in regard to this on 1/11/17?

You know it was John McCain who obtained the Steele dossier and passed it on to FBI Director Comey.

Remember how Trump fired Comey after Comey refused to pledge his loyalty to him?
Now Trump is freaking out over Sessions recusing himself in regard to the Russia investigation. That was months ago. Trump's got a team working now to discredit Mueller. He's referring to the Mueller investigation as a "witch hunt".
All the while Mueller just keeps hiring seasoned prosecutors and pushing his investigation.
Is it just me or does Mueller look like that first drawing of Sherlock Holmes? No matter.
If Mueller is as good as his reputation and if he has the best intelligence agencies in the world working with him and his top notch staff, what are the chances of him having stumbled on the "tape".
Sherlock, er Mueller would know immediately that this is what Putin has been holding over Trump the whole time? If Mueller has the "tape", Trump's goose is cooked.
Holly Moly!