Sunday, January 15, 2017

5 Days To Go

The whole world knows that Russia played us in the last election. It hacked political party computers, it disseminated information, it altered some information and released totally fictitious information. It conspired with Assange, Snowden and Manning. It had contacts with people working on Trump’s election.

Russia had contacts after the election with Michael Flynn, Trumps National Security Advisor. Trump has nominated Rex Tillerson for Secretary of State. Tillerson is a great “friend” of Russia, he’s made deals worth hundreds of billions of dollars with Russia, and he’s advocated for the United States to remove sanctions placed on Russia after the invasions of the Crimea and the Ukraine by Russia.

It’s worth mentioning that our FBI Director, James Comey, also did his part to compromise our elections by raising questions about an investigation into Clinton’s emails a few weeks before the election.

For his part, Donald Trump has likened our security agencies to Nazis and accused them of conspiring against him. He is also engaging in a bromance with Putin on Twitter and during his press conference.

Now Russia is conducting peace talks with Syria and Turkey, a NATO ally. We are not involved in those talks but Russia has suggested it may invite Trump to the table.

The country is divided. The world thinks we are nuts and that our elections are compromised and meaningless – game, set and match go to Putin.

Could we possibly do anything else to jeopardize our standing in the world? Yes, we could accept a Russian invitation to get involved in the Syrian peace negotiations. We could be Putin’s bitch.

Holy Moly!

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