Monday, January 23, 2017

Kellyanne Is The Woman In The Ring - Don't Watch Her!

"The Ring" first appeared in theaters in 2002. It was a supernatural horror flick about a cursed videotape. If you watched the videotape, you died. The video was of a weird woman climbing out or a well and coming toward the screen.

What was farfetched entertainment then, may be a national security threat now. Kellyanne Conway may be the contemporary version of this horror story. If you watch Kellyanne being interviewed by the press, you won't die. If you voted for Trump and see Kellyanne, you may start talking like her and responding to others as she does in her interviews.

Yesterday, Kellyanne explained how the Trump team uses "alternative facts". The team not only uses these "alternative facts", it uses them to refute actual facts. In an interview with Chuck Todd on Meet The Press, Kellyanne went beyond her normal filibustering and when confronted by a persistent Todd, she told us all about "alternative facts".

To his credit, Todd made a valiant effort to get Kellyanne to answer a simple question and when she finally did, he almost seemed speechless. Where others might have said, "You mean lies.", Todd chose to label what she was saying as "falsehoods".

Chuck is not alone in tolerating Kellyanne's now standard filibuster responses to questions. Nobody seems to be willing to call her up short and tell her to either cut it out and answer the question or stop her filibuster before it mesmerizes the audience and disorients everyone who hears it.

Listening to Kellyanne's responses is like listening to the Siren's Song. If you are listening to her answer a question while you are driving a vehicle, you run the risk of crashing into something, just like the sailors in Greek Mythology came to ruin on the rocks.

What we now know, thanks to Chuck's persistence, is that it is possible to stop the filibuster, but he has not shown us how to deal with what follows - the "alternative facts" gambit.

Personally, I would suggest throwing a pail of water on her like Dorothy did to the Wicked Witch of the West in the "Wizard Of Oz". You should throw the water on her as soon as she starts her filibuster. An "alternative method" would be to drop a house on her. Dropping a house on the Wicked Witch of the East was also a very affective method of neutralizing a witch.

The failure of the press to either dose Kellyanne with water or drop a house on her has led to the security threat we are now facing. When viewers see Kellyanne doing an interview they are cursed. They start emulating her in public discourse on Facebook, social media and blogs. Kellyanne is "The Ring" actualized.

One Kellyanne has proved too much for our entire news media. Millions of infected Kellyanne sycophants is like a nuclear reactor meltdown. Remember Chernobyl? Remember "The China Syndrome"?

Holy Moly!

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