Wednesday, January 11, 2017

9 Days To Go

Today’s press conference was a sight to behold. So many things happened. Let's see.

Trump likened our intelligence agencies to Nazis.

He decried “fake news”. Yes, the man who singlehandedly championed the birther movement and nominated a man for his National Security Advisor who posted a story about Hillary Clinton’s involvement with a Washington, DC pizza parlor that was running a secret child sex slave operation is complaining about “fake news”. The vast majority of things that Trump has said have been proven to be false.

Trump seemed disoriented. He kept talking about Clinton and how he beat her. It’s as if he either doesn’t know the election is over or doesn’t have a clue what to do now that it is over.

With piles of paper on display on a table next to the podium, he and his representative proceeded to explain that he is not covered by conflict of interest rules and why turning things over to his sons to run is a legitimate “divestment” of his business interests.

Not to be undone by himself, he said that he was going to repeal and replace the Affordable Care Act simultaneously. Has anybody told Paul Ryan and Mitch McConnell?

He also explained how he was going to build a wall, not a fence, across our Mexican border using our taxpayer monies. Apparently, we are going to pay for it.

Trump denies all connections to Russia and Putin while blasting our intelligence agencies and using statements from Russian leaders to prove his point. I’m sure the Russians wouldn’t lie to us about anything they did to interfere with our elections.

The man I saw today could not handle a press conference. I can’t imagine what he might do at an international summit.

Holy Moly!

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