Friday, February 10, 2017

Do Unto Others - How To Get Us, The U.S., To Pay Attention

We would be in deep doo doo if people from other countries started responding to us, the U.S., based upon what Donald Trump says and does. If they understood what the U.S. is truly about it would be curtains for us.

When Calvin Coolidge was President, back in 1925, he told the Society Of American Newspaper Editors, "The chief business of the American people is business." We often see this written as, "The business of America is business."

I don't think there is much distinction between these two statements, but there are those who do and I don't want to be accused of reporting false news or alternative facts.

The point is, if people outside of us, the U.S., started doing what Donald Trump and Kellyanne Conway have been urging others to do to businesses and people they don't like, we would be in very bigly trouble. We would be across the pond without a paddle.

Yes, the surest way to cause us, the U.S., to change policy or treat people differently is to stop supporting our businesses.

Oh Lord, Deliver us, the U.S., from penury!

Without firing a shot, without engaging in trade wars, without demonstrating, without doing anything, the people of the world could take us, the U.S., down.

Donald Trump says, "America First". It's offensive. It's not being a good neighbor or a good global citizen. It's not Christian, Muslim, Jewish, Hindu, Buddhist or even good Mouseketeer.

If people other than us, the U.S., started saying, "America Not At All", and following it up by not buying anything from us, the U.S., or visiting us, the U.S., things would change very fast. I mean like "yesterday" fast.

Remember the Montgomery Bus Boycott? Remember when we boycotted South Africa? Remember how fast things changed? Yup, if you hit us, the U.S., in our pocketbooks, we really do respond. We even have this saying, "the customer is always right".

Holy Moly!

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