Monday, February 27, 2017

Gee Whiz Batman - Who Knew?

Donny Dimwit met with health insurance CEOs and Governors today in separate meetings. The meetings were extraordinary in that they really, really, I mean bigly really, gave us new insight into the depths of the Dimwits ignorance and stupidity.

He urged the CEOs to work together to save Americans from Obamacare. I'm trying to imagine this. I'm thinking it's a 40's college football movie. You know - boola, boola - "win one for the Gipper". S**t, it was only a matter of giving an inspirational speech to the choir boys heading up the health insurance industry. Too bad President Obama didn't know this. Too bad President Obama didn't know how to give an inspirational speech.

Dumbo actually said to the governors, "... nobody knew that healthcare could be so complicated ..." Yes, he really, really said this. I can't wait to see what happens when, and if, someone tells him the truth about the Easter Bunny.

In an effort not to be undone by S**t For Brains Don at the meeting with the governors, Florida's entry for 2017 Village Idiot, Rick Scott, said, "You can't treat an expansion state better than a non-expansion state; because you did an expansion, you should not get more dollars." Yes, Florida's Imbecile in Chief didn't opt for the Medicaid Expansion unlike the former governor of Arizona, Jan Brewer, who did. Jan wasn't a Rhodes Scholar, but she did get a "radiological technologist certificate" from a community college.

Holy Moly!

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