Monday, February 13, 2017

You Ain't Goin' Nowhere

Welcome to the dance. National Security Advisor Michael Flynn got caught with his hand in the cookie jar and his pants down around his ankles while holding a smoking gun and smiling for the cameras.

Flynn is at the middle of a shit storm - one of many we can expect as Trump and crew proceed to tear up the pea patch in Washington, D.C.

Amid all the flying turds we were treated to this weekend, two stand out. The first was Don Donald responding coyly on Air Force One when asked about it. The second was Stephen Miller preening with a plug in his butt while being interviewed on all the Sunday News shows.

Yes, Trump the mouth had hardly anything to say about Flynn illegally discussing lifting Obama's sanctions on Russia with the Russian Ambassador while Obama was still in office. Dopey Don hadn't heard anything about it.

Yes, Miller responded to all questions about this by saying, "Na na na, I ain't talking, but you can keep inviting me back to not talk more - pretty please okay, okay?"

The sanctions were imposed by President Obama in reaction to Russia's interference with our free elections. Russia wanted to help Trump get elected.

While Mike Pence is busy pouting about Flynn's lying to him and snubbing Flynn in a public handshake, Donald the Dunce sits in silence. While the rest of Washington is all beside itself, Putin's strumpet is putting around Mar-A-Lago mixing international politics with a thinly veiled promotion of his resort.

Don't expect Don Donald to have Flynn taken out anytime soon. I'm not sure Flynn would accept an ignoble dismissal from the Don. I'm not sure Flynn would perform as required by Omerta.

I am confident that soldier Flynn was doing his Don's bidding when he spoke to the Russian Ambassador. I am equally sure that our bird brained Don was confirming all this when he tweeted "I always knew he was very smart." in praise of Putin.

I ain't spectin to see Flynn shot out of the Don's butt anytime soon. Nope, I think Flynn will just continue to stay in the bowl, flush after flush, while the rest of D.C. runs around frantically with a plunger and a snake trying to get him to go down.

Holy Moly!

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