Tuesday, March 7, 2017

American Exceptionalism

"American Exceptionalism" may just be exceptional ignorance. Dementia Don's campaign for president has resulted in a lot of fear, consternation and confusion. It has put us, the voters, in the spotlight.

On new HDTV screens we see things with incredible detail and clarity. What we are seeing is not very flattering.

First and foremost, we are a nation of people who do not know their own history. We do not understand our government. We do not know what is happening in our own country. We do not know what is happening globally.

So what is it we do know? We know that we want the right to own weapons. We want that right held inviolate. We want to be able to buy lethal weapons and ammunition like we can buy milk or paper clips or alcohol or marijuana. We want unimpeded access to the tools of destruction and toxic substances.

Yesterday our Secretary of Housing and Urban Development called the African slaves who were brought to this country in chains in the holds of slave ships and sold in local marketplaces, "immigrants".

Yes he did. If you think this is beyond stupid, pause and take a breath. The Secretary of Housing and Urban Development is Ben Carson. Ben Carson is an African American.

Ben Carson was appointed by Dementia Don. The appointment was reviewed and approved by a majority of the United State Senate. Ben Carson's approval was not an oversight or a mistake. It was part of an unbroken chain of deliberate actions that started on June 15, 2016, the day Dementia Don announced his candidacy for president.

Many, many things happened in this country prior to June 15, 2016 and they certainly contributed to our current state of national ignorance and ineptitude, but I am choosing this particular date to illustrate a point. The point being that we are a nation of dunces.

Dementia Don's June 15 announcement was like a tiny pebble dropped in the middle of a large lake; an action that could be considered insignificant in itself, except for the fact that it has changed the fate of life on Earth.

Since June 15th, Dementia Don ran in 53 Republican primaries and won 36 of them. He earned 1,447 delegate votes. This was not an accident. This was the result of deliberate actions taken by voters across the nation.

On November 8th, Dementia Don won 306 electoral votes after winning the election in 30 states. It's true that he got some 3,000,000 less popular votes, but that is not what counts in the world's greatest democracy - another instance of systemic stupidity.

On December 19th, the Electoral College voted and once again, Dementia Don won, this time with 306 votes.

On January 6, 2017 the House of Representatives voted and confirmed Dementia Don as the President Elect of the United States.

Clearly, the election of Dementia Don was the result of a series of deliberate actions.

We are a nation of idiots - an idiocracy. This is not all that surprising - we were Constituted as a slave nation in which women were not allowed to vote. We have tolerated racism, bigotry, sexism, ageism, and numerous other forms of prejudice.

Perhaps we have simply succumbed to our own vices and to the propaganda being propagated by the ultra wealthy who work to insure that they can do whatever it is they wish, unencumbered by anyone or anything, including the law.

Holy Moly!

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