Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Some Things Are Just Too Taxing For Our Republican Congress

Years ago I found myself in a massive First Amendment lawsuit over the firing of myself and several other social workers from a large state mental institution. We had reported patient abuse at the facility and we were fired. There's more to all this, but this is the short version.

The thing is we had a Federal District Court judge who did everything he could to impair us and we eventually lost the case. If you doubt my perception, leave a comment and I will spend time on explaining this.

What I slowly became aware of was we were not in a contest with the defendants in the case, we were in a contest with the judge. The merits of the case were irrelevant. What was relevant was the way the judge conducted himself and the rulings he made.

I mention this because the Spirit hit me like a brick the other night when I watched Rachel Maddow. She did a show on Duplicitous Don's 2005 federal tax return. What got me was the reporting she did prior to actually showing the tax return.

The reporting was all about Duplicitous' financial involvement with various Russian actors. There was also mention of strange financial goings on with the Chinese.

Our Congress is trying to investigate allegations Duplicitous made in regard to President Obama wiretapping him at campaign headquarters in New York City. Duplicitous asked for the investigations after he made the allegations and refused to offer any proof to support them.

The investigations into Russia tampering with our elections has not pit us against Russia. Russia is not who we are contending with. We are contending with Duplicitous and a lot of Republican Congress Members who are not exactly eager to find out the truth about what happened.

The resources of our Congress and investigatory agencies are being expended in a rigged environment. Unlike a trial with one judge, we are dealing with hundreds of House and Senate members who have a need to protect Duplicitous at all costs.

If you watched the Watergate hearings, you know right away that there is a night and day difference in the way things are proceeding now. Evidence gathering is not happening.

To truly understand the extent to which Russia has played a hand in our politics, you need to examine the money trail. There are actually documents which make doing this both reasonable and possible. At the top of that list is Duplicitous' income tax returns.

On February 27th, the House voted 229-185 to not request Duplicitous to release his tax returns. 227 Republicans voted against asking Duplicitous to make his returns available.

What Rachel reported on her show was incredible. Dmitry Rybolovlev, a Russian oligarch, bought a house from Duplicitous for 95 million dollars in 2007. Duplicitous had bought it for 40 million dollars in 2004. When the sale took place in 2007, the housing market was depressed.

This was just one of many things Rachel exposed. For instance Duplicitous nominated Wilbur Ross for Commerce Secretary. Wilbur was one of the owners of the Bank of Cyprus which is known for money laundering in connection with Russian oligarchs.

There are also ties to questionable loans at Deutsche Bank which has been embroiled in scandals and paid out over 20 billion dollars in fines.

How has all this been allowed to continue to this point without meaningful Congressional oversight and investigation? How did Ross get confirmed by the Senate? Why didn't Congress subpoena Duplicitous' tax returns long before now?

Russia and Putin have engaged in criminal interference with our elections in an effort to hurt Clinton and help Duplicitous. This is no longer in dispute. Duplicitous has not been able to say anything even mildly negative about Putin.

Are Republican Congress members protecting Duplicitous? It sure looks that way. Does party come before country? Does collusion come before justice?

What we are witnessing is the equivalent of what it would have been like if the Watergate Commission had refused to subpoena the Nixon tapes.

Holy Moly!

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