Tuesday, March 14, 2017

This Ain't High School, You Don't Get A Pass

When Dummo Don was elected, I was all for giving him a "chance" to do his job. I thought we owed it to anybody to withhold judgment until after the fact as opposed to before it.

Well it took me no time to conclude that Dummo had failed at his job. Worse, he had disgraced himself in the performance of his job, put our country at risk and humiliated our country before the world.

I keep reading posts by people who continue to say give Dummo a "chance". A chance for what? They are not asking us to give him a "chance", they are asking us to give him a "pass". A chance is not a pass. They are totally different things.

Dummo is the President of the United States. If he can't do the job, he needs to step down. He has no right to damage the country due to his ignorance.

I do not find Dummo's continued lies and misdeeds humorous. I cannot make excuses for him. "Well that's Donald Trump" is not an excuse for the continued chaos he is causing.

The press has been giving Dummo a "pass". It needs to stop. They need to stop sugarcoating what he does. When he lies, they need to call it a lie. When he does things that appear to be criminal, they need to say that too.

Dummo is not our senile grandfather. He is a lying, Narcissistic, psychopath. He may be suffering from delusions or extreme mood swings. Whatever it is, he is unfit for office and needs to go.

Holy Moly!

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