Thursday, March 23, 2017

We've Got Trouble

From where I sit, things look very bad for the United States. I don't have an informed vantage point. I'm not privy to intelligence information. I'm not on any government committee. I'm just a natural born, United States citizen. I'm 71 years old. I run a small business. I check several real news sources everyday.

In the interest of full disclosure, I check the following news networks on a daily basis; CBS; ABC; NBC; CNN; MSNBC; Reuters; Huffington Post; BBC America; and PBS World News. I read articles in the: New York Times; Washington Post; and several magazines, including The New Yorker, The Nation and the Atlantic.

I am also visited from time to time by the Spirit who has inspired me on this mission - the Church of the Holy Moly.

Aside from making me crazy, staying in touch via news media has left me with bitten down fingernails and no confidence in the ability of our country to survive until Winter. To be fair, none of the sources I've mentioned have said that we are doomed. All of the sources, other than the Spirit, have stood on their heads to appear neutral and give Devil Don his due - at least what they think his due is. I, for one, think he is due impeachment and removal from office. Perhaps we should all be throwing our shoes at him too.

The Spirit is a little less vague. The Spirit is more like "Repent while there is still time!" or "Did you see that s**t? Do you understand what that means?"

Today I read that the Koch brothers are offering 7 digit campaign contributions to House Republicans who vote against Trumpcare. Maybe our Congressmen should go public and allow investors to invest in them. At a million a vote, they might be our most promising growth industry.

I also read about Congressman Nunes virtually busting into Devil Don's office to inform him that there may be other investigations going on that involves Devil Don and his minions. Numbskull Nunes did not share this information with his fellow committee members before outing a federal investigation to Devil Don or holding a press conference.

Numbskull Nunes may have also done the very thing that Congressman Trey Gowdy was condemning leakers for a few days ago. The Numbskull was talking about FISA warrants and naming a name or two - Grizzly Gowdy wants people prosecuted and possibly executed for doing this.

I also read about a black man being murdered in New York City by a total stranger who "hates" black people. The hater traveled to New York City to do this from Maryland. The hater wanted to make a statement. The hater was brandishing a sword.

I watched an interview with a Republican House Member who said Devil Don doesn't really know what's in the Trumpcare legislation. He said Devil Don doesn't even care what's in the legislation. Devil Don only wants to win.

I also read that Paul Manafort had been paid $10,000,000 to help further Putin's agenda. This is the same Paul Manafort that was Chairman of Devil Don's campaign. The same Paul Manafort that Devil Don is suggesting was only a vote counter.

I also read that Ivanka Trump was given an office in the White House because Devil Don is impaired and needs help with his cognitive functioning. I was truly surprised by this because I had come to the conclusion that Devil Don had no cognitive functioning. For all I know Devil Don is a hologram.

I also read that Russian criminals had rented space in Trump Towers and were running an illegal on-line gambling operation from there.

I also read that the Supreme Court has voted 8-0 to overturn a decision rendered by Supreme Court nominee Neil Gorsuch. They apparently did this while Gorsuch was testifying at his confirmation hearing.

By themselves, these things might not warrant my conclusion that we are about to implode, but these things are just some of today's things. Things like this have been happening everyday for months. Belshazzar had less writing on the wall to go by than we do.

So, are we doomed? Are we being consumed by our own stupidity and partisan politics? Are we about to reap the wages of sin? Do we all need to learn Russian?

Holy Moly!

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