Saturday, April 8, 2017

Cognitive Dissonance

When Obama asked Congress to support action against Syria, it declined. After declining, Obama was continually criticized by Congress for not taking the action that Congress, itself, refused to authorize.


Trump approves an unauthorized raid on a Syrian air base that was used by Syria to launch an attack on it's own people. Syria used chemical weapons in that attack.

We deployed 59 Tomahawk missiles that did not damage the actual runway at the Syrian air base. In fact, the air base was back in use the next day. The Tomahawk missiles cost us approximately $94,000,000.

We actually informed the Russians before the raid.

Now we are told there are no other actions to follow. This was a unique response to the use of chemical weapons by Syria. It is not part of a larger offensive. It is not part of a defined strategy. It is not a tactic. It is an act of war.


Donald Trump tells us that he was moved to take action after seeing what happened to the children victims of Syria's chemical weaponry.

This is the same Donald Trump who has said over and over again that we should not take action in Syria after seeing numerous other videos of chemical weaponry attacks that have killed far more children and adults.

This is the same Donald Trump who wants to ban Syrian refugees from coming to our country.


Whatever Donald Trump is, what he clearly isn't is rational, consistent, law abiding and humanitarian.

Holy Moly!

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