Saturday, April 1, 2017

How Many Russian Fit On The Head Of A Pin?

What would happen if a full division of fully armed, Russian combat troops were suddenly beamed down onto the White House Grounds? Do you think it would cause some concern? Do you figure we would just ignore them? Do you know how many troops are in a division?

In 2014, Russia sent 1,000 troops into the Ukraine. That's right, 1,000 Russian soldiers took over the Eastern Ukraine and they are still there 3 years later.

Let's put my question into perspective. A division consists of about 15,000 troops. That's 15 times the amount Russia used to successfully invade and continue to occupy the Ukraine for some 3 years.

Okay, so now answer the question. Still no answer? You think this is a trick question? You think this is just plain ridiculous?

Here's the deal. Russia used some 15,000 computer whizzes to hack into our political computers and sow cyber mayhem last year. Yep, they used an entire f**king division. They hacked computers, put out fake news and did all kinds of other dirty tricks to f**k over our elections.

That's why Dick Cheney called this an "act of war" last week. I don't generally agree with Cheney. I don't like the man. I think he did a lot of harm to our country. I've chosen to quote him because no one has ever accused Cheney of being a liberal or a democrat or a socialist or a communist or even a sensitive human being.

Dick is not the only person who thinks we have a serious problem with Russia. John McCain and Lidsey Graham also have gone on record about this. They're not known for having leftist leanings.

According to all our legitimate intelligence agencies, Russia used cyber warfare to disrupt our elections and help Trump while hurting Clinton. New Information is coming out that they did the same kinds of things to help Trump in the Republican primaries.

The Russians not only sought to help Trump, they engaged in a lot of communications with his campaign staff and his transition team. In fact, the Russians have been helping Trump for years with his business dealings.

Trump has also been unwilling to say a discouraging word about Vladimir Putin. In fact he is an avowed fan of the man. Trump has managed to say negative things about our allies and NATO. He has caused problems with friendly heads of state. He has appointed a lot of incompetents to administrative positions. He has even hired people who worked with Russia in the Ukraine and elsewhere.

So, we have been invaded by a fully armed division of Russia cyber warriors. Our administration may be compromised and complicit in this. A lot of Republican members of the House, including Paul Ryan, the Speaker of the House, are acting like this is no big deal and the Republican Chairman of the House Intelligence Committee, Devon Nunes, has singlehandedly stopped that committee's investigation into all this. Nunes appears to have gone rogue.

The bi-partisan Senate Intelligence Committee seems to be taking this seriously. They have made a good start at investigating all this. They are making some people very nervous. At the top of that list is Donald Trump. Michael Flynn, the man Trump appointed as his National Security Advisor and then fired several weeks later, also seems to be very nervous. Flynn has asked the Senate's Intelligence Committee to grant him immunity in exchange for his testimony.

Do you think it's time for a Special Bipartisan Committee with an Independent Prosecutor to be empowered and get started on this? You know, the kind we had when 5, not 15,000, men broke into the DNC headquarters in 1972? You know that Watergate thing?

Holy Moly!

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