Saturday, April 22, 2017

Russian Phoenix Rising

The facts are slowly coming out about what happened during the election and the degree to which Russia has interfered with our government.

Will we get the equivalent of a Watergate style investigation? Will people be charged with serious crimes? Beats me. I hope so, because this might be the most serious threat we've ever had to our country from a foreign government.

So many people involved with Trump have been involved with Russia. The Trump family has been doing business with Russians. The Russians have been interfering with elections in democracies around the world. They want to destabilize those democracies and they want to get rid of NATO.

The FBI and the CIA knew about this before the election, but nothing was done about it. Instead, Russian propaganda and information illegally obtained by Russia was continually released in an effort to hurt Clinton and get Trump elected.

The fact that Russia was working with Assange, Manning and Snowden did not stop Trump from asking Russia to hack information on Clinton. The fact that Manning and Snowden were engaged in espionage did not matter one bit to Trump. Sadly, it did not appear to matter to either Mitch McConnell or Paul Ryan.

Here's my theory based upon what facts have come out so far. McConnell stopped the FBI from releasing information about the investigation of the Trump campaign's activities with Russia before the election.

I also see Russia as playing a much bigger role on the international stage than we may be aware of. I believe Russia has been looking to destabilize the entire West and has been responsible for some of the so called "Islamic" terrorism throughout Europe and the rest of the world.

Russia couldn't defeat us during the Cold War. It could not keep up the arms race and any direct military conflict was sure to result in catastrophic loss for Russia.

Terrorism has resulted in a rebirth of nationalism here and in Europe. England has voted to withdraw from the European Union. The upcoming election in France could result in the same. The EU could falter.

Trump's America First policy threatens our relationships with our long time allies and serves to legitimize similar things in Europe that hurt both Europe and NATO.

Putin has been a busy boy. I believe what he has done here is simply part of a larger plan to wrest control from the West. In the meantime, China has kept us occupied with Korea in the East.

We are being squeezed and we are not alone. We are also being infiltrated. Our Congress better rise to the occasion before it's too late.

Where is Teddy Roosevelt when you need him.

Holy Moly!

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