Monday, April 10, 2017

The Tower Of Trump

I was resolved to update this blog on a daily basis. I was inspired to do so by the Spirit. I was overwhelmed by the enormity of the bulls**t related to Donald Trump and his administration.

Trump Tower has supplanted The Tower of  Babel as the mother of all confusion. It's radiating cognitive dissonance, confusion and disorientation. Anyone trying to make sense of Trump and his minions is immediately sent raving into the night.

Trump's lies and distortions are world renowned. The inconsistencies he alone generates are monumental. When you add to that the inconsistencies and distortions and misinformation coming from his appointees, you raise the level of confusion to a truly galactic level - a galactic cacophony.

Last week proved to be my undoing. Information related to the Russian connections was coming in fast and furious. It was like tide coming in at the Bay of Fundi. Congressman Nunes alone sent things into orbit.

When I sat down to chronicle the Russian fiasco, news of Neil Gorsuch's confirmation process started flooding the airwaves. As I turned to focus on that, the bombing of the Syrian airbase swept everything away and left us all trying to make sense of the contradictory and ridiculous things Trump, Tillerson and Haley were asserting.

Good luck following any of that. China and North Korea photo-bombed the photo ops.

Today, newscasters were talking about the "Trump Doctrine". Trump Doctrine? Please! Did you see Trump's announcement in regard to bombing Syria? Luca Brasi did better articulating his gift to Don Corleone's daughter in the Godfather than Trump did explaining Syria.

Before this is over, we may need Trump Busters to contain this mess.

Holy Moly!

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