Wednesday, May 31, 2017

DeNiro - Joltin' Bob A Nation Turns Its Lonely Eyes To You

Robert DeNiro has always been one of my favorite actors. I think I saw him first in "Hi Mom". His portrayals have never disappointed and he can cover a vast range of personalities.

I've never met him, so all's I know is what I see on screen. Nevertheless, I've allowd myself to enjoy him off screen - kinda like loving Yogi Berra, who I never met. So, there's been a place in my heart for Robert DeNiro for many decades.

I'm from Brooklyn, New York. Brooklyn is a lot of things to a lot of people. It's a place of wonder and horror. I've experienced both while living there. It was the home of the Brooklyn Dodgers and they are the team who hired Jackie Robinson. That tells you a lot about Brooklyn.

And yes, being all Italian, I was raised as Catholic. Being from Brooklyn, I bought my ice cream from the independents, not Good Humor or Bungalow Bar - Bungalow Bar, give me a break.

Okay, so DeNiro was born in Manhattan and is not all Italian. I don't know, but he probably rooted for the Yankees and bought Good Humor. What can I tell you? Nobody's perfect, but Robert perfectly rose to the occasion when he took on Donald Trump. He invested his whole being in his statements to and about Trump. He spoke from his heart and it resonated in my heart. So for me, Robert is the "resistance" at its core.

Thanks Robert. You make me remember all that was great about Brooklyn without any of the horror. Your words continue to raise my spirits in a way few others can. If I know nothing else about you, I know you, more than anyone else on this planet, have Donald Trump pegged.

Holy Moly!

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