Monday, May 1, 2017

May Day

Today is May Day. It's a big day for celebrations around the world. Some celebrate it by dancing around a Maypole.

In Russia they usually celebrate it with a giant military parade.

This morning I read a Washington Post article that totally unnerved me. I suggest you read it. Click the link below the tanks.

When the information about Russia's interference with our elections and its involvement with Trump's campaign staff, transition team and family came out I was very upset.

Trump's bromance with Putin has taken on a whole new meaning for me. I fear that Russia has compromised Trump's administration.

After reading this article, I fear that Russia has compromised a lot more than Trump's administration. Has the conservative right wing of the Republican Party been compromised? Has the NRA been compromised. Has the religious right been compromised?

I will be spending May Day sending out MAYDAY calls. The members of Congress who have not yet been coopted by Russians need to convene a special investigation with an independent prosecutor. They need to expose everything Russia has done to weaken and neutralize our country.

Holy Moly!

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