Sunday, May 21, 2017

What Radical Islamic Terrorism? Who Said That?

Tough guy Trump is over in Saudi Arabia and he just finished selling them over 110 billion dollars worth of weaponry which includes some weapons we didn't want them to have.

Oh yeah, he bowed while the king gave him a medal and danced with a sword in line with the Saudi Royal Family.

Wow! I keep hearing Aretha Franklin singing, "Mr.Bigstuff, who do u think u are?" What happened to all the tough talk Donny?

I understand you're not going to use your favorite term "radical Islamic terrorism" when you address the Arab leaders today. Your minions are on the Sunday news shows explaining why you are not going to use that language.

What a world class hypocrite. What a bloviating ignoramus. You are a lying toad.

Holy Moly!

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