Thursday, June 15, 2017

Not Exactly Andrew Jackson

Trump likes to compare himself to Andrew Jackson. He really does.

I doubt Jackson would agree. Jackson was no mama's boy. He was a soldier and a statesman. He had a reputation for fighting his own battles.

Much has been said about Andrew and it wasn't always good, but Andrew wasn't a whiner. He was a hero.

So if not Jackson, then who? Well George. George Armstrong Custer jumps to mind. George was the last in his class at West Point.

General Custer led his men, including 4 family members, to complete oblivion at the Battle of the Little Big Horn.

"The flamboyant Custer paid great attention to his appearance. He wore a black velvet uniform with coils of gold lace, spurs on his boots, a red scarf around his neck and a large, broad-brimmed sombrero. Custer took particular pride in his cascading golden locks, which he perfumed with cinnamon oil."

Hmmm. Custer was a world famous loser. He was "flamboyant" and lived a "charmed life".

Yes, I think Custer is the more appropriate avatar for Trump. Custer caught the public's attention. Custer followed his own counsel to ruin. Custer enjoyed self promotion.

When the final chapter is written on Donald Trump, I'm sure he will go down as the country's greatest loser. The man who led his followers into annihilation. The man who thought Tweeting was a substitute for integrity, honor, intelligence and bravery.

Trumpgate is knocking on the White House door Donald. Time to open up and come clean. Time to see yourself for what you truly are, a traitor to American values and basic morality.

Holy Moly!

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