Friday, June 2, 2017

The Off Broadway Impeachment Roadshow Testing Is Over

Next Thursday the Trump Impeachment opens on Broadway. Act I opens with James Comey testifying before the Senate Intelligence Committee.

Act III ends with the impeachment in the House and the conviction in the Senate.

Act II is where all the high drama and special effects take place. Act II has sword fights and giant puppets. The dialog will be stinging - nobody I knew slept during Who's Afraid Of Virginia Wolf or Seven Days In May or the Watergate hearings.

Yes, Act II is the Trumpgate, or if you prefer, Treasongate, hearings. Act II is the steady stream of witnesses and subpoenas and court challenges that marches its way to the floor of the House where the Articles of Impeachment are drawn up.

All Americans will get caught up in this drama. There will be arguments and debates at the water cooler and dinner table. People will be glued to their TVs and tablets and smartphones.

When the final act is inevitable, Americans will be exhausted and we will be looking for leadership while remaining highly skeptical. The relief won't be immediate, because the criminal trials that follow will be far worse than what followed after Nixon.

The only person laughing will be Vladimir Putin. He will view Trump's downfall as his greatest accomplishment. He will sit back in the Kremlin and take pride in the chaos he has caused.

Holy Moly!

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