Sunday, July 30, 2017

Bye, Bye Miss American Pie

I just listened to a mini-rant by Bill Cunningham on ABC’s “thisweek” – talk about delusional.
When asked what kind of government the founding fathers had given us, Ben Franklin replied,  “A Republic, if you can keep it.”
I don’t know about Cunningham, but from where I sit we are teeter tottering on the brink of losing the Republic.
A criminal traitor is controlling the Executive Branch. The Legislative Branch is in jeopardy as well.
How did this happen? Well, we voted for all of it. Over a course of decades we have steadily elected criminals and charlatans to Congress.
Last year we elected the “king of human scum” to the White House.
Why did we do this? Well, because we are angry and acting stupidly. We have allowed ourselves to become ignorant. Shit, we reveled in ignorance.
We take responsibility for nothing and think casting a vote every year or so is what it takes to fulfill our responsibilities – clearly it isn’t.

Yesterday I read an article that blew me away. Check it out for yourself. It’s Bill Browder’s testimony to the Senate Judiciary Committee.

While this was happening, most of our news sources were reporting on the foul, degenerate utterances of Trump’s newly appointed White House Communication Director, Anthony Scaramucci.
Yeah, talking about people giving themselves blow jobs is more newsworthy and got more air time than hearing about how Putin has turned Russia into a criminal state and what that means for us and the world at large. In what universe is this happening?

We are losing the Republic folks. If we don’t wise up the wise guys will take over.
Don McClean is a prophet.

Holy Moly!

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