Saturday, July 29, 2017

Granfalloons, Don Juan And A Little Zen

People have been conspiring for so long. We are currently reaping the rewards of this in a bigly fashion. If you haven't read the Old Testament do so now or at least read 1 Samuel 8-15 or at least read Cat's Cradle.
Spoiler Alert - 1 Samuel 8-15 - Yeah that's when the people want a king and God tells Samuel they don't need one. So, Samuel tells this to his people and they demand a king anyway. So, Samuel tells this to God and God tells Samuel to give them what they want.

The Church of the Holy Moly translation of "... give them a King" is God telling Samuel that he ain't gonna argue with a bunch of morons.
So we've had kings and presidents and premiers and dictators and jabonies and "you name it" ever since. Now we have a Trump.
A Trump is what you get when people conspire to do things in any way other than the way God originally intended them to do - thank Kurt Vonnegut for giving us the word "granfalloon" to define this behavior.
Yes, a "Trump" is a break in the space time continuum - a hole. Yes, Trump is an "A Hole". A hole that is destroying our collective island of the tonal and exposing us all directly to the nagual - read Carlos Castaneda why don't cha?
Spoiler Alert - Carlos says reality - the nagual - is really chaos. So we each create a safe reality in our mind - the island of the tonal.
Our political parties are really just clubs for like minded/delusional people who believe they are divinely inspired and destined to rule the country.
Toward that end, politicians have been spewing bullshit meant to disorient you and cause you to vote for them. They just want you to follow them blindly. That's all.
This has resulted in a totally polarized Congress. A Congress filled with fools who have no idea what to do about anything and no ability to work cooperatively with anyone who is not a member of their own party.
Higher education hasn't exactly helped. Advancing academically is really about conforming. The degree to which you conform is the degree to which you get a degree. This is true about advancing most anywhere.
There's a lot not to look forward to.
We've already confirmed that the world is a scary place.
So where are we headed?
The alternative might just be to remain open and try your best to work it out with others when problems arise. Of course this only works when people are honest and working in good faith.
The outcome is pretty bleak when you are working with people who are lying, cheating and trying to exploit every opportunity for personal gain and/or self aggrandizement.
Holy Moly!

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