Thursday, July 27, 2017

Incoming! Incoming!

Russia used high tech cluster bombs on us last year. Putin wanted to wreck our elections and he damn well succeeded. 
Fake news cluster bombs hit all of the social media outlets and were rapidly propagated by partisan zealots and bigots who wanted to take down Hillary Clinton and get Donald Trump elected.
Facebook was a particularly fertile battleground. Russia's fake news bomblets would hit and immediately be passed on by millions of ignorant, hateful people who were in a frenzy to share them with their family and friends.
Despite the criticism, not much was done about it.
In the meantime, their was a constant television barrage from other, more traditional sources.
The radio hatemongers were already in place and produced relentless waves of propaganda that would have put Tokyo Rose to shame.
Trump relied almost totally on his use of Twitter to get messages out to his followers.
Faced with doing hard hitting, expensive investigative reporting, the MSM took to allowing Trump to eat up all the oxygen.
The MSM reported everything Julian Assange released through WikiLeaks. It didn't matter that the information was illegally obtained. It didn't matter that Assange was a Putin proxy.
It didn't matter that Julian Assange collaborated with the American traitor, Edward Snowden, who has been granted asylum in Russia.
Russia also invested heavily in Trump and his enterprises way before the election. Trump is heavily involved in money laundering and racketeering with Russia.

Trump also surrounded himself with people who had their own ties to Russia.

Putin, being Putin, an ex-KGB agent, has an ace in the hole - a real Trump card. Putin is blackmailing Trump. He has tapes of Trump that would destroy Trump if they ever got out.

Oh yeah, Putin also hedged his bets. He further contaminated the election by helping other candidates who would syphon votes away from Hillary.
Wake up America, we've been cluster f**ked. Putin has control of the Executive Branch. We have a puppet president. The Republican leadership has also been contaminated.
Right now we are not fighting to stop Russia, we are fighting to drive Russia out. Russia owns Trump. We are in the fight of our lives and the guy spearheading our counterinsurgency is Robert Mueller.
If we lose this fight, the country goes down the drain.
Holy Moly!

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