Sunday, July 23, 2017

Strange Brew

Donald Trump didn't just appear on our political landscape. He was a long time in the making. He just caught everybody by surprise. Sorta like a toad jumping out of a boiling cauldron and becoming a prince.

The first thing to understand is that a lot of players have been throwing things into that cauldron for a lot of years hoping to cast their spells and reap their evil rewards.
True leadership is based on character. It is not a function of birth or wealth. It cannot be bought or sold.

It cannot be bestowed upon an anointed one.
In the years leading up to Trump different, behind the scenes players used money and influence to manipulate our elections and get their puppets in positions of authority at every level of government.
Criminals have always functioned this way. Criminals are just a little more direct - a little less hypocritical and a lot more ruthless.

We have become soft and morally lax. We are easily manipulated.
Our politicians are not leaders.
Our political parties are fronts for special interests.
We must get the big money out of politics. We need to get rid of the Electoral College. We need to stop gerrymandering.
Corporations are not people. We need to change that.
We have a lot to do, but first we need to get rid of the infiltration and infestation that is plaguing our country - a family of profiteers, money launderers and racketeers headed up by a corrupt patriarch.
We need to remove his White House staff.

We need to remove his cabinet, with the notable exception of Mattis.
Collectively, they are destroying our country. They are shills for Putin and the Russian criminal oligarchy.

We need to get rid of the corrupt Republican Congressional leadership.
We need to get rid of the rot and the conditions that led to it. We need to support Special Counsel Mueller and his staff.
We must vote as patriots, not partisans.
We must stop listening to fake news and those who wish to drive us apart by propagating hate and bigotry. The news is not entertainment. It is not delivered by shock jocks. Real news is factual and verifiable.
Holy Moly!

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