Friday, July 7, 2017

What Donny Did On His Summer Vacation

It's July 7th and Trump was in Germany attending the G20 conference. This is not usually a fun event.

Trump met with Putin for a few hours. Tillerson was with him. They should never have gone.

Trump really outdid himself this time. He agreed to working with Russia on a joint investigation into cyber crime. He also managed to trash our free press and smile while Putin was about as disrespectful as he could be toward our press.
Aside from that, Trump managed to alienate just about everybody and assure our position nowhere.

He did manage to stroke Putin and smile affectionately at Putin. Was it a full swoon? Was there a strolling violin player at their meeting? Who can tell? Not Rex.

So Trump spent some careless days in Europe with his main squeeze, or should I say Putin spent some deliberate days in Europe with the man he is squeezing into treason?

Time will tell. In the meantime, no one is waiting to see what Trump writes for his first assignment when school starts up in the Fall.

What? He finished 3rd grade? Oh my, who woulda thunk it. I'm guessing he'll start Tweeting about this very soon. I'm sure it will include how he won the popular vote, as well as the electoral vote, and why that gives him a mandate to trade off our republic.

The question is, for what? Personal gain? Blackmail? A psychopath's idea of fun?

Holy Moly!

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