Tuesday, July 25, 2017

You Da Man John

John McCain went to the Senate today and created a national bully pulpit from which to remind his colleagues what Senators are supposed to do.

What he said was eloquently simple and inherently true. Without mentioning a single person by name he reminded the Senators that they are not subservient to the Executive Branch.

He reminded them that their job is to work cooperatively with each other independent of party affiliation and invited them to cross party lines.

McCain also took on the promoters of division and hatred who take to the airwaves everyday. He told the Senators that they needed to ignore those voices. He reminded the Senators that they are there to govern, not to win popularity contests.
John McCain is a patriot. That was clear to all. He said what had to be said. He spoke directly to the American people.

Thank you John for coming to the Senate while you are still convalescing. Thank you for speaking truth to power.

Holy Moly!

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