Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Gore, Durante And DC Comics

I caught a snippet of Gore on the news last night. He was responding to the Mayor of Tangier Island in the Chesapeake Bay. The mayor bonded with Trump over climate change.
Gore dealt with the man in a very respectful and dignified manner. The guy knew something happened, but he didn't fully understand what it was.
This morning Gore was on CBS This Morning. I caught enough of it to hear Gore say before Putin interfered with our elections the government had already been hacked by big money.
Al was profound. Putin didn't have to create a whole new way to bypass our defenses, he just found an existing route and used it. Sorta' like drug or arms smugglers looking for a tunnel to cross a border into a country and finding one already in place.
The most important thing to remember about Putin is that he is first and foremost a criminal. Whether he's a pawn of the Russian mafia or its head is relevant, but not important for this discussion. He is a criminal working for a criminal enterprise that wants to take over parts of our control system.
Criminals conspire with and use other criminals - people of like minds. Trump is a criminal. He's a thug, but he's the kind of thug that is used by bigger, more intelligent thugs to attain outcomes. Trump is convenient and pliable.
Putin found Trump, then Putin used the tunnel that was already there to take control. Putin actually took over the tunnel and the scum that created it couldn't call the police or the FBI or even the press. I mean what would they say, "Some other smuggler just took over our tunnel."?
Think about it. Just let it set in. The questions are "was there a tunnel" and "if there was, who created it".  The tunnel was built with money. The tunnel is campaign contributions. Big money donors created it.
Money is a very corrupting tool. It's a drug we all use every day and don't think twice about. It is a tool we use to acquire things - a tool you don't have to make - a tool you can use without first having mastered any particular skill.
Skilled money users know how to use it to get whatever they want. Fools blow it on toys. Skilled money users want power and influence and a continued flow of money into their hands.
Imbeciles will blow it on a wide screen TV or blow or ostentatious toys or sex or all of the above.
Masterful money users buy politicians and law enforcement personnel and judges. Buying politicians is a very dynamic enterprise. Politicians keep changing - better to buy political parties.
D.C. had already been corrupted by big money and Putin had a lot of money. He just moved onto someone else's turf. Shit, our history is full of such stories. We have a suicidal reverence for the mob. We love a good crime boss. We love em' because they represent the true American dream for lots of people.
So Gore called it accurately. It was there for anyone to see and figure out for themselves at any time. It was as plain as the nose on Jimmy Durante's face.
You know what I find serendipitous? The name DC Comics. DC Comics is all about heroes and super heroes fighting crime and evil villains. And where is the epicenter, the ground zero, for crime in the United States? D.C,
Representative democracy as practiced in the United States is simple. Our representatives sell their votes to the highest bidders. They use some of that money to get themselves elected. They do that by preying on our ignorance and naiveté and greed.
All meaningful political reform starts with personal reform - each individual's growth in character and wisdom.
Holy Moly!

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