Monday, August 7, 2017

This Game Has Nine Innings - Deal With Them One At A Time - That's How You Get Through The Season

I had a brief little league career. I could hit and I could throw the ball in from the outfield. When I was at the plate, I kept my eyes on the ball, not the pitcher. It was the coach's job to remind us to take one inning at a time and one game at a time.
A lot of people are working to hold Trump accountable for all of his many misdoings and crimes and betrayals. They are working to remove him from office. What do we do after that?
Robert Mueller will be managing the team charged with holding Trump accountable. He is deciding who to play in what position and will come up with the batting order. If anybody knows this season opener has 9 innings it's Robert.
Mueller will lead his team to victory in the 1st game. What happens after that? When you deal with the criminality, you still have a political system that produced Donald Trump. Trump was a problem, but he was also just a symptom.
The games to follow have to take on root causes. If they don't, you have not really resolved anything. We have tools in place to deal with criminality, but there are a lot of things that are not easily dealt with.
Money is certainly an underlying cause of woe. It can be used to buy influence and accumulate power. It is disproportionately distributed.
Imbalance can be a root cause. The imbalance can be in wealth. It can be in gender discrimination. It can be in race discrimination. It can be in religious discrimination. It can be in all of the above. Intelligence can be an imbalance.
Structure can be a root cause. Look at the Electoral College or how districts are gerrymandered. Look at the technology we use to vote. Look at campaign financing.
Personal corruption can be a problem. The strength of our country lies in the collective strength of our aggregated characters.
So let's assume Mueller takes care of Trump. What's next? Who manages the next game? Who's the coach? Who's waiting in the wings?
After the 1st game we are taken out of the criminal justice arena and left to finish out the season in the political arena.
That's what's keeping me up at night now.
Holy Moly!

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