Tuesday, August 13, 2019

Remember The Alamo? Well Guess What?

We are at a critical time in the history of our country. We have criminal in the White House and a Congress that has failed us for decades.
Unlike other times, this time there is a question of treason hanging over everything going on in Washington, D.C. Our government has been compromised.
Our Department of Justice has been compromised as well. Attorney General William Barr is now running interference for Donald Trump.
Let's pause for the moment and orient ourselves.

1. Next year, 2020, is an election year.
2. The only thing the Democrats control at the moment is the House.
3. The House is the only body empowered by our Constitution with Impeachment powers.  

Despite attempts to cover it up and suppress it, the fact is that our 2016 elections were compromised by Russia and the full extent of that is not known.
We know about the hacking and the spreading of false news reports, but we are just beginning to learn that some vote tallies may have been interfered with as well.
We also know that Russia is gearing up to do it again and Mitch McConnell has been blocking any Senate legislation that would prevent it from happening in 2020.
In the House, Nancy Pelosi tried to block Impeachment hearings from getting started. She was not being honest with us as to her intentions or her reasoning.
Despite Pelosi's attempts to prevent Impeachment hearings, a majority of the House Democrats favor them. Jerry Nadler, Chairman of the House Judiciary Committee, has kept his committee working during recess.
Nadler has clearly taken control of his committee. He has publicly stated several times that an Impeachment Inquiry is underway. He has made it clear that they are going to do their job (translation: It's no longer up to Pelosi whether or not they Impeach Donald Trump).
As always, there is a lot happening. The most recent insanity has to do with the death of Jeffrey Epstein while he was in federal custody. Barr referred to it as a "suicide" before the medical examiner had performed the autopsy.
We've had a wave of mass shootings at the hands of domestic terrorists/white nationalists.
We've also seen more disgusting and abhorrent behavior by Trump. His latest was having a baby, who was wounded and who lost both her parents during the El Paso domestic terrorism attack, brought back to the hospital after being discharged so Trump could pose for a photo-op. Yes, that' him smiling and giving a thumbs up with the recovering orphan.
And then there were record breaking ICE raids in Mississippi. Raids in which over 600 immigrant workers were rounded up and taken into custody. Their children were left to fend for themselves - left at school and at home without knowing what happened to their parents or what would become of them.
Yes, it's overwhelming. Yes, it's non-stop. Yes, it is making us crazy. Yes, it's certainly going to get much worse before it starts to get better.
So what's a citizen whose country has been taken over by a crime syndicate working with a foreign enemy to do? The White House, the Senate and the Department of Justice are all compromised. Corruption is the new normal.
The House is all we have left and it's under attack.
The House of Representatives has become a modern day Alamo. It's the last bit of our government being held by people we elected to take our country back and restore our government.
The House still stands and we need to focus our efforts on what we can do to support them and send reinforcements. First, we must understand that it was us, relentlessly pressuring members of the House, who forced an Impeachment Inquiry. We must keep the pressure up. Call daily.
Second, we must unite in 2020 behind all Democrats running for office. We must support whoever is on the ballot. We must come out to vote and we must Vote Blue, No Matter Who.
We need to hold onto the House, take the Senate and take the Presidency. We all need to pull in the same direction.
Americans know how to take a punch and not fold.
Donald Trump is not and never was a leader. He's a rich party boy who has indulged himself all his life. He has nothing to offer us other than misery. He's in his element with the likes of Jeffrey Epstein. He needs to be Impeached and tried for his crimes.
Mitch McConnell and his posse need to be voted out of office and sent home in disgrace.
The rest can think about what they have to look forward to when they eventually come up for re-election.
Holy Moly!


  1. Excellent summary. Glad to have found your blog and twitter feed.

  2. Brendan, it was very nice meeting you today. Sometimes I wonder why I live in Sussex county.

  3. Thank you. It was nice meeting you as well.