Wednesday, January 17, 2018

The Devil Is In The Details

"The Howling Man" is a classic Twilight Zone episode that takes place in post World War I Europe. There is a man locked in a cell in a castle known as the "Hermitage". The man is purported to be the Devil.
An American who gets caught in a rainstorm seeks refuge in the castle and discovers the prisoner.
The man in the cell is guarded by monks. The monks tell the American that their prisoner is the Devil and that the cell door is locked by a simple wooden staff, the "Staff of Truth". It is obvious that the man in the cell could easily reach through the bars and remove the staff, but the American listens to the man and removes the staff anyway.
As the prisoner emerges from the cell, he transforms into the Devil and disappears. Evil is once again loosed on the world. You can watch the whole episode by clicking the link below.

Truth always restrains the Devil. The truth is usually right there for us, but we often reject it. We are misled by lies.
You can't suppress the truth.
The "Steele Dossier" is a report prepared by Christopher Steele, a respected former British MI6 agent who was hired to research Donald Trump during the Republican primaries. Steele was hired by Fusion GPS. Fusion GPS was initially hired by the "Washington Free Beacon", an American conservative website.

A detailed account of all this is contained in "Collusion" by Luke Harding. Everybody who prefers fact to fiction should read "Collusion". "Collusion" is easy to read and straightforward.
Harding is a well known and well respected British journalist who was the former Moscow Bureau Chief for "The Guardian", a British newspaper, until Russia refused to let him re-enter the country.
Before the 2016 election, Steele took it upon himself, out of concern for our country, to personally hand Senator John McCain a copy of his dossier.
Senator McCain personally gave the dossier to FBI Director James Comey. Comey was fired by Donald Trump after Comey refused to pledge his loyalty to Donald Trump and abandon the Russia investigation.
Bill Browder was born in the U.S. He headed up "Hermitage Capital Management", an investment fund that managed the largest foreign investment portfolio in Russia.
Bill wrote, "Red Notice", an excellent book about his experiences with the Russian government. It's about Russian corruption. Bill and his team at Hermitage exposed Russia for what it is, a kleptocracy headed up by Vladimir Putin.
Bill exposed Putin and his henchmen and brought international attention to what was going on in Russia. Putin retaliated and tried to seize all of Hermitage Capital Management's assets. He also arrested one of Bill's lawyers, Sergi Magnitsky.
Sergi was arrested on trumped up charges, imprisoned illegally, tortured, murdered and finally tried and convicted in a Russian court after he was dead.
Browder became a full time advocate for justice on behalf of Sergi. He wanted Russia held accountable for what it had done. In the pursuit of justice for Sergi, he met with Senator John McCain.
John threw his support behind the effort and eventually Browder testified before our Congress. A bi-partisan bill the "Global Magnitsky Act" was passed through both houses of Congress and signed into law by President Obama on 12/14/2012.
Browder didn't stop there. Since then, countries all over the world have signed their own "Magnitsky Act" legislation. Browder with the help of everyone at Hermitage Capital Management managed to contain and restrict and confine Russia and all those who were responsible for Sergi's death.
Nothing like this had ever been done before. Putin went ballistic.
Putin passed a law banning Americans from adopting Russian orphans. This caused demonstrations in Russia.
Putin did everything he could to get the Global Magnitsky Act repealed and the sanctions lifted. The sanctions were putting a real crimp in Russia's ability to engage in criminal activity around the globe. All of this is background for what Putin has been doing with Trump's campaign, his transition team and the Executive Branch of our government.
The truth is that the meeting on 6/9/2016 with Donald Trump, Jr. and Jared Kushner and several Russians in Trump Tower was all about getting the sanctions lifted.
The truth is that Manafort and Flynn and others working with Trump were working on behalf of Putin's criminal interests in regard to Russia.
The truth is that Trump's involvement with Russia is real news and needs to be taken seriously because Trump's actions present a clear and present danger to the United States and the world at large. This is why Trump is working to discredit the press and violating the 1st Amendment.
The truth is that Trump is terrified of being exposed and that is why he is constantly attacking the Mueller investigation and our intelligence and law enforcement communities.
The truth is that conspiring with a foreign power against the United States is treason regardless of how you try to frame it or how you try to label it.
The truth is that Trump was aided and abetted by lots of people working for him and our government.
The truth can be painful. So many people were conned by Trump. Admitting this is embarrassing. Facing the truth can cause shame, but there are far worse things than shame and embarrassment.
The truth is that some of Trump's supporters knew all along what Trump was and what they were hoping for when they voted for him.
"Collusion" and "Red Notice" are two very good sources for anyone seeking the truth, but if you close your mind and heart to the truth, nothing will help you.
In "The Howling Man", the "Staff of Truth" confines and limits the Devil and the evil he can do.
Much like the American in that story we can allow ourselves to be taken in by the lies we are told or we can face the truth and know the liar for what he is.
Trump is our Howling Man.
The truth is there are plenty of credible, intelligent sources for accurate information out there.
The truth is we cannot continue on in this manner. Trump has pulled off a coup with a lot of help from his friends. This may just be our last chance to take the country back. Putin is waging a cyber war and we cannot allow him to win.
Holy Moly! 

Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Steamroller Baby

Dianne Feinstein just blew up Washington, D.C. Yep. Yesterday she released the transcript of the Senate Judiciary Committee's interview with Glenn Simpson of Fusion GPS.

Other's have tried to blow up Washington. The British set fire to the White House in 1814. That was a pretty big deal, but they were an invading army and we ended up winning that war.
Dianne is not an invading army. She is more like a napalm bomb - a cement mixer - a churning urn of burning funk. She is one angry, patriotic U.S. Senator. She co-chairs the Senate Judiciary Committee with Senator Charles Grassley. She is a powerful woman who will not be trifled with.

Dianne and Chuck have been looking into Russia's attempts to interfere with our 2016 election for several months. Dianne has been playing by the rules, but Chucky has been cheatin on her all along.
I don't know what passes for remaining true in Iowa, but in California there is a long history of clarifying exactly what that means and what the consequences are for anyone who messes around. Hollywood's in California. They make movies there. Remember Cat Ballou?
Grassley's been really sloppy about covering his tracks. He's been played by a bigly corn husker hustler - an evil genius who lives in a stable - a horse - a horse with a bad/evil case of diarrhea
Yeah, Chuck stepped into a s**tload of Donny's crap.
It wasn't like there wasn't plenty of information - red flags - out there regarding the Trump family's involvement with Russia.
Lately Chuck's been trying to sabotage the Judiciary Committee's investigation. He's been trying to throw the investigation off track. He's been trying to confuse and confound the investigators and the American people.
He's been doing this while steadfastly refusing to share the Simpson interview transcript and outright lying about what's in. He's also been trashing the one dude in Washington that nobody wants to f**k with.
Whatever is going on with Chuck; whether he's involved with Russia or suffering from Altzhimer's Syndrome or just a starry eyed fool who fell in love with a diarrhetic horse, he's simply gone too far.
Nothing is going to stop Mueller's investigation - nothin - not rain, not sleet, not snow, not traitors, not nothin' - not even an over the hill husker who underestimates what's really at stake here.
Ya wanna know what's in that transcript? Well, a real s**tload, that's what's in there. The Russians are in there. Steele is in there. The whole Trump family is in there. But hey, why not read it for yourself courtesy of Dianne.

Holy Moly!

Sunday, January 7, 2018

D-Day 2018

D-Day is fast approaching. It will be on us sooner that you can say November 6, 2018. D-Day this year will be much the same as D-Day was on June 6, 1944 - everything will be riding on it.
On November 8, 2016, Donald Trump was elected to be the 45th President of the United States. Thus began a coup that controlled the Executive Branch of our government.
Our Legislative Branch has been compromised for years. It was bought up by American oligarchs who truly believe that what's best for them is best for the American people.
The electorate, that's us, has been driven crazy by all the bullshit dumped on it by the American oligarchs. Propaganda has replaced facts. Let's face it, we are plain ignorant.
Our brilliant oligarchs were asleep at the wheel when Putin's protégé got elected. No! Protégé is too kind a word. Donald Trump is Putin's puppet. He is also a world class moron. He is also a shill for organized crime - Russian organized crime.
The Russian's beat us at monopoly - at least when it came to the Executive Branch. In the process, the Russians also contaminated our Legislative Branch by, of all things, buying people in Congress - particularly the leadership.
The Legislative Branch has been up for sale all along. It got really out of control when George W. occupied the White House. Remember the K Street scandal?
When the Supreme Court ruled in favor of Citizens United in 2010, it opened the floodgates for political corruption. The Citizens United decision gave Letters of Marque to anybody interested in buying a politician.
The thing is, anybody meant anybody.
It wasn't long before the Republican congressional leadership learned how to deal with the Donny Dumb.
They initially supported Robert Mueller's appointment as a Special Counsel to investigate Russian interference with our elections in 2016. They had no real choice.
By firing respectable, competent, loyal people who held key Federal law enforcement positions Dementia Don cemented his place in American History as an imbecile extraordinaire.
With a competent, unobstructed federal investigation growing, Trump needed protection. He needed a godfather. Hell, he needed godfathers - plural.
So the deal was struck. Whether Dumbo Don knew it or not, he was carefully manipulated into what we have now.
Trump is a rubber stamp for whatever legislation the Republican Congress manages to pass. Since he is insane, Ryan and McConnell know they have to handle him with kid gloves. They have to let him say whatever he wants.
Delusional Don doesn't really understand how the game is played. He doesn't understand "quid pro quo". He's an ignorant bully. He's just living in the bubble Ryan and McConnell created for him. 
Ryan and McConnell know all about "quid pro quo". They cut their teeth on it.
That's why they are where they are. There is one minor problem however. They don't want to be the cud in the Mueller investigation.
Mueller is a double edged sword - a fly in the ointment. His investigation terrifies Trump because Trump knows he's guilty as sin. Ryan and McConnell have as much to fear from what Mueller turns up as Trump does. 
That's why various members of the Republican Congress and the Cabinet are trying to finesse the Mueller investigation. They want it both ways. They want it to scare the living shit out of Donny without getting themselves cut to shit in the process - so now we are seeing the big lie strategy. They are attacking Mueller and trying to get rid of him or at least damage his credibility.
The Republicans in Congress got their payoff in December, 2017. I'm not sure what else they want or can reasonably hope for. What they need is to continue to control Congress - especially the House.
The call for impeachment gets stronger everyday. The new Republican strategy is to keep the House at all costs and thus both delay and prevent impeachment from happening. At they same time they wish to trash Mueller in the hopes of keeping at least some of the electorate supportive of them - it doesn't take much.
That's why November 6, 2018 is so important. For patriotic, not partisan, reasons the Democrats must take control of Congress. They must, at the very least, take the House. It is our last chance to use the Rule of Law to overthrow this coup. There is no other peaceful, sane alternative.
Anarchy doesn't work. Neither does this.There's no beach to take here. There's just a vote tally.
Between now and D-Day we better make sure we are supporting our troops. That would include Mueller's team, people running for office, members of our armed forces and all of us.
Don't let them start a war to distract us. We are not cannon fodder.
Holy Moly!