Saturday, April 28, 2018

What Russians? - Durante, Costello, Nunes & Mueller

Devin Nunes was elected to Congress and is currently Chairman of the House Intelligence Committee. His committee was charged with investigating Russian interference during our last election. 
Jimmy Durante was a beloved entertainer who supported his country during the Great Depression.
Lou Costello was a beloved comedian who worked tirelessly to support our country during WWII.
Devin disgraced himself as Chairman of the House Intelligence Committee. He did everything he could to thwart the investigation. He betrayed his country.
The House Intelligence Committee's final report is a strictly partisan document. The Republicans on the committee approved it without the support of any of the Democrats on the committee. It has been called a "hack job".

How did Nunes manage to ignore voluminous evidence to the contrary? Jimmy Durante left us a classic scene using the most appropriate prop. It says it all.

What can Devin possibly say to explain his actions? Lou Costelle provided that answer in another classic scene.

Sadly, there is no defense for Nunes and his fellow Republicans. Our country is under attack. The Republic is in grave danger. The fate of the world is at stake. We can't sit idly by while out country is snatched out from under us.

The forces of totalitarianism are on the rise across the world. Russia is spearheading the way using cyber warfare. Russia must be stopped. Mueller must be allowed to finish his investigation and Congress must take appropriate action when the time comes.
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Monday, April 16, 2018

Trump, Comey, Mueller And The Republic

Donald Trump is what he is regardless of what context you view him in. He is a dishonest, uncouth, criminal who may just be the most notorious traitor ever to plague our country.
Trump is an ignoramus and a psychopath. He has demeaned the Office of President and set our country back decades. He is chaos personified.
James Comey was the FBI Director who was fired by Trump. Comey is a complicated guy.
Comey was in charge of the FBI's investigations of both Clinton and Trump prior to the 2016 elections. Comey is honest and he is a patriot. His firing was done in a disgraceful manner.
Trump fired Comey to stop the Russia investigation. Comey's firing ultimately led to the appointment of Robert Mueller as Special Counsel. That, conceivably, was the very best thing that has happened in this country since the primaries leading to the 2016 election.
Before moving on to Mueller and what he's been doing, it needs to be said that Comey bungled both the Clinton and Trump investigations. At the very least he contributed to Clinton's loss and at the very worst he may have insured Trump's victory.
I watched George Stephanopoulos' interview of Comey that was aired on CBS last night. Comey was candid. He was sincere. Unfortunately, his explanations for why he did or didn't do anything in regard to his public statements prior to the 2016 election were nonsense.
Few people will ever be in anything like the position James Comey was in 2016. It's easy to judge Comey, but it's not easy to judge him fairly. I think it is fair to say that to this day, James Comey cannot explain why he did what he did because he simply lacks insight into himself and his actions. The rest is history and we all need to deal with the present.
Robert Mueller is no Boy Scout. He is about as clear and focused as any human being living or dead. He is a grown up who knows what he is doing and why. He knows what his job is and he plays by the rules. He is to prosecution what Leonard Bernstein was to music and orchestration.
Mueller is all about business. He is not about drama. He is investigating what happened and has already secured both indictments and convictions. His work has spawned other investigations as well.
Michael Cohen is Trump's personal attorney/fixer. Last week the FBI obtained multiple search warrants for Cohen's records. Now those records have been secured by the FBI and things are proceeding on multiple fronts.
Mueller is a modern day Sisyphus. He is pushing a boulder up a mountain of corruption that started long before Trump was elected. Our Congress has been compromised many times over. Special interests have taken over the Legislative Branch.
Sadly our legislators have been for sale all along. The list of buyers keeps changing and the consequences for our nation keep piling on.
Mueller is sidestepping all of this in his pursuit of the truth. What he is doing is tantamount to what prosecutors faced in Brazil's Car Wash investigation or Italy's Clean Hands investigation.
What remains to be seen is whether or not Mueller will survive to complete his investigation and whether or not our Congress will act if he does.
Some games are rigged. There are already calls from various Congressmen to fire Mueller and put an end to the investigation. Even Comey says he does not want to see Trump impeached.
Mueller and Comey are two very different people. They are both patriots, but they could not be farther apart when it comes to conducting an investigation and staying focused.
Our nation is deeply divided. This is nothing new for us. We've been here before. What we sorely need is a definitive resolution to the corruption we are facing. What we need is something that has never been done before. Trump needs to be dealt with appropriately and that's just for starters.
Russia has compromised everything from our elections to our Executive and Legislative branches. It has compromised our economy and infiltrated various advocacy groups. What we are dealing with is a whopping helping of corruption topped off with treason and betrayal.
Don't let them fire Mueller. Call your elected leaders at every level. Tell them you've had enough. Tell them you want Mueller protected and supported. Make sure to get out and vote this year.
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Thursday, March 1, 2018

I Wonder What Time Is It In Never Never Land

You never knew what time it was in Never Never Land. Captain Hook was deathly afraid of the crocodile that ate his hand and swallowed his clock. Whenever he heard a clock ticking he freaked out. The clock's tick tock meant the crocodile was close by and closing in.

Tick tock spelled doom for Captain Hook. In a world where no one aged, the idea of time catching up to you had to be unsettling. The idea of time coming for you from inside the belly of a giant crocodile who had acquired an actual taste for your flesh was beyond terrifying.
We live in a world where time is tracked very carefully. Clocks are everywhere. Our appliances, our cars, our phones all come with clocks.
We all have our daily routines. We eat at specific times. We work at specific times. We go to bed and wake up at specific times. We even tune in at specific times to find out what's happening in the world around us.
The News is coming at us 24 hours a day. We can watch it on our phones, our computers and our TVs. We can listen to it on the radio. We can tune in to News from around the world. We can read about it in our newspapers and magazines.
For some of us the News is like that ticking clock. It causes anxiety and insomnia. It can leave us pinponging between binge eating and frenzied Tweeting. It's becomes addictive. It reminds us of the crocodile that is coming to devour us.
We all have our own demons. Some of our demons are highly personal and others are shared by many people. For Dementia Don & His Republican Con Band, there is one crocodile they fear more than anything else and they are constantly being reminded of it on the News.
Robert Mueller is a relentless investigator. He is a seasoned warrior and a proficient prosecutor. He is beyond reproach and he cannot stand the cacophony that Dementia Don & His Republican Con Band is playing.
Mueller is a true American Patriot and a decorated war hero. He was in Vietnam when Trump was earning his reputation as Captain Bone Spurs. Yes, while our fearless leader was fighting in the Venereal Disease War and earning 5 deferments, Mueller was earning a Bronze Star and a Purple Heart and other commendations in Nam.
The contrast between Mueller and Trump could not be sharper. Trump won a bowling trophy. Mueller went on to a life dedicated to public service. Donny went on to a life of crime and debauchery. Mueller succeeded.
Trump, a silver spoon baby, squandered everything going bankrupt multiple times and bringing misery to all he came in contact with. His activities did not go unnoticed.
When the Russians were looking for degenerate Americans they could groom and use, they stumbled on Don. He was on the verge of total bankruptcy. He has no scruples and he was highly susceptible to Russian Rubles. He was phenomenally stupid. His only loyalty was to himself and his pleasures.
All that stands between us and chaos is our belief in the law. We often say we are a nation of laws. What Trump has done is shred our laws. He mocks our Constitution and lays waste to our government. His cabinet appointees are busy disassembling what it has taken us hundreds of years to build.
The law is what keeps us from becoming the Upside Down - the alternative world where chaos rules and evil lurks. Our belief in and adherence to the law is the difference between civilization and Thunderdome.
March has arrived. March is a transitional month. We are witnessing an unprecedented investigation into massive corruption at all levels of our government. Mueller is at the gates of the White House. Trump's ranks have been thinned down and many of his people have been indicted.
Trump is holed up in the White House. Hope is gone. The Ides are approaching and Trump's fate is all but sealed. Indictments are appearing almost daily. There is no escaping the crocodile. Trump is reaching the end of his rope. Tick tock. The bell is tolling. Tick tock. Mueller is calling.
Spring comes this year with a rebirth of patriotism and a revival of law. Our citizens are rallying to a new call for freedom and justice and liberty. This year will be a trying year.
A tsunami is coming in November and it will sweep all those who have sold us out from their positions of power. We will clean our house with our most prized possession - our vote.
The women and children are leading the way.
The alternative is more chaos and more insanity and more death. We must be ever vigilant because there are those among us who seem to relish that prospect. They literally crown themselves with bullets and carry their assault weapons into church.
We owe it to ourselves to reclaim our country and our dignity. We owe it to our future generations. We owe it to all those before us who sacrificed and died for our generation. Tick tock.
Holy Moly!