Saturday, June 17, 2017

The Shame Of Ownership

We are rapidly approaching a great reconciliation. A true come to Jesus moment.

The Christians have a name for this. They call it "Judgement Day". Accountants have a date for it. That would be "April 15th". In the criminal justice system, they refer to it as a "verdict".

Whatever you call it, it is the time when you have to openly face the consequences for what you have done. You have to reconcile your actions with your professed conduct.

Some people say, "Money talks, bullshit walks."

Well, the Justice Department has been traveling a zigzag line since Trump's election. There have been obstacles. There have been firings: Preet Bharara; Sally Yates; and James Comey. There are dark clouds rising on Rod Rosenstein and Robert Mueller.

That line is turning into The Green Mile and Trump and associates are looking more and more like dead men walking.

Keeping track of all this is very complex. We have a smorgasbord of crimes to choose from. First there is the issue of Russian interference in our elections through an assortment of IT crimes and propaganda campaigns. We have false news and alternative realities. Cyberspace is filled with debris.

Then we move on to issues of collusion, collaboration and, dare I say it, treason.

Behind all this is money laundering and racketeering.

Robert Mueller is moving at break neck speed and the intelligence community is cooperating fully. Even foreign intelligence agencies are cooperating.

We are looking at a bigly giant "Twinkie" in Egon speak.

Perhaps Ghostbusters is the perfect metaphor for what is going on. What we are looking at dwarfs Watergate. What we are looking at requires a Special Counsel.

Trump could have a hissy fit and fire everybody he has to in order to fire Mueller, but I don't think that will go well. Remember when they shut down the grid in Ghostbusters?

The national disgrace that is Donald Trump is too big to stop or contain. The truth is galloping out. It's as if there were a million Paul Reveres riding out to warn the American people.

The Russians have come and they are here. They have infiltrated our Executive Branch and the infiltration extends into the Legislative Branch as well.

I guess Trump could eventually try declaring Martial Law. He could fully embrace his mentor's (Vladimir Putin) tactics and start assassinating reporters and politicians and investigators and others, but I don't think it will get to that.

Even if it does, I think he will not succeed in avoiding accountability. I think it is over and you don't have to be able to read tea leaves to know it.

When it does finally end and when everybody involved is held accountable, the final reconciliation will take place. All those who voted for this abomination will have to accept ownership for what their votes did.

Shame will be the operative word.

Holy Moly!

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