Thursday, May 25, 2017

Russia Ain't No Country No Mo - We Next

Russia is a country. It's been taken over by a criminal organization run by Vladimir Putin. Putin was a KGB officer. Russian oligarchs support Putin. An oligarch is a wealthy business leader with great political influence. The oligarchs use their money to accrue and wield power.

Putin has been looking to corrupt Western leaders in an effort to secure his criminal enterprise. He did this with former Italian Prime Minister Berlusconi. It did not work out well for Italy. Now he's doing it here.

Berlusconi was eventually found guilty of crimes, including tax evasion, and he is no longer in office. You can read about him here:

Apparently there are a lot of wealthy and wannabe wealthy American businessmen who are willing to compromise themselves and their country for a buck.

Putin maintains power in Russia by spreading false news and manipulating the voters. They have fallen to his propaganda and that is why Russia is being run by criminals.

Sound familiar?

Putin compromises people by "investing" in them. Money is laundered through corrupt banks and loans are made and people get wealthy. The loans are followed up by further compromises of all kinds. Eventually Putin owns people. They become Putin's puppets.

We have taken the first step in voting away our government into the hands of corrupted politicians. Our law enforcement and intelligence agencies are now moving forward with investigations that will expose this and punish those who have committed crimes.

Those who have been compromised by the Russians are fighting back. The struggle that is going on right now will determine whether or not our country will remain an independent country or become a criminal organization.

I would like to see our Republic survive and prosper. It will only happen if all those responsible are fully exposed and brought to justice.

So what's it to be, country or party?

Holy Moly!

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