Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Holy S**t! What The F**k?

I watched a good deal of the House Intelligence Committee's hearings yesterday. It was not a Holy Moly moment for me. It was a Holy S**t moment. It was a big time Holy S**t moment.

FBI Director Comey and NSA Rogers eliminated any doubt as to whether or not there was any truth to Demented Don's claims that President Obama had ordered wiretapping of Trump Towers during the election. They did this thoroughly and repeatedly. They did this repeatedly because the Demented One found it necessary to publish more Tweets as the hearings progressed. More Tweets - more lies.

More Tweets - What The F**k?

So much information on involvement between Russia and Despicable's family, friends and campaign staff came out. There was information about business transactions and banks and Russian crime syndicates and the Russia oligarchs and Russian money laundering and involvement of Despicable's people with Russian Spies. Holy S**t!

There were heroic efforts on the part of the Republican committee members to refocus attention away from Russian interference and possible collusion with the Dimwit's posse and onto intelligence leaks and what crimes leakers may have committed in the process of leaking information about serious threats to our nation's security.

Leading this charge away from focusing on the integrity of our nation's security and the possibility of a Moscow Candidate and Moscow Administration was Representative Trey Gowdy. Trey was all about leakers. He seemed to miss the larger issue - the one about our sinking ship of state.

I can't imagine anyone taking issue with the radio operator on the Titanic signaling for help, but I'm not sure Trey would agree with me on that. What The F**k?

Meanwhile, Rex Tillerson will not be attending this year's NATO meeting. Despicable has managed to insult and alienate the leaders of Mexico, Canada, Australia, England, Ireland, Germany, Iraq and China since taking office. Yet, Duplicitous has only had glowing words for Vladimir Putin. Coincidence?

Apparently the FBI has been investigating Despicable's posse since last July. It make me wonder about Mr. Comey's priorities during the election. Comey never said a work about this. What The Fuck?

Watergate is fading in light of these new revelations. Hell, we could be talking about treason. Names like Haldeman and Ehrlichman are being replaced with names like Flynn, Manafort, Sessions, Stone and Page. There's Bannon and Gorka and Conway and Priebus and Spicer covering things up. We've also seen Sally Yates and Preet Bharara fired. I'm wondering who will be the new John Dean.

Holy Moly!

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