Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Flattery Wlll Get You Everywhere - So Will Blackmail

It was very disconcerting watching Israel's Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, conducting a joint press conference with Dundering Don earlier today. Benny all but kissed Donny. His praise was so effusive - the bulls**t was piling up so fast and so high it forced people to stand on chairs.

Clearly the Prime Minister of Israel wants something very badly. He wants it so badly that he is willing to disgrace himself to attain it. What could that be?

Putin wants something too. Where Vlad uses blackmail and intimidation, Benny regurgitates platitudes and praises the naked emperor's transparent clothing. Clearly, there are many ways to skin a cat, or a guy wearing a cat on his head.

I think Vlad wants Europe destabilized and NATO neutralized. I think Benny wants us to start intervening militarily in the Middle East - we could take out Iran for starters.

International politics has always been fraught with duplicity and intrigue. What's new here is the relative ease, the shameless transparency that is being used by some foreign leaders.

Let's hope the impeachment comes sooner as opposed to later.

Holy Moly!

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